Families Leading Planning

family trainers and mentors

“I have experienced first hand the progress that my son has been able to achieve through using person centred planning but have struggled in the maintenance of this because of the lack of guidance, understanding and external support.” Caroline Tomlinson

Families will want to become involved in person centred planning in different ways, and at different times in their lives:

  • Some people will want to know what Person centred planning is all about
    The Government’s guidance on person centred planning says that all families should have an opportunity to learn about person centred planning and decide what involvement they want. Some families simply want to know what person centred planning is, what they can expect from services and how they can contribute to their son or daughters plan.
  • Some people will want to lead planning
    Other families will want to play a more direct role and lead the development of their son or daughters plan themselves.

There are different ways that people can have help to do this: Continued...